Our wheels are individually TÜV tested and certified for technical, fatigue, load and quality. Pitched against the toughest tests in the world its a grueling process for our wheels, but they’re SuperMetal wheels- so they can take it! See how it works at TÜV Rheinland…

It’s so important to demonstrate that a wheel is fit for purpose these days with so many variables to be considered. It’s security and peace of mind – especially when dealing with high load applications. The best way to ensure that a wheel is suitable for use is to independently test them.

At SuperMetal we independently test and certify every wheel- by the best in the world. Then we publish the test certificates on our website for all to see.

Our wheels are tested by TUV Rheinland, TUV SUD and TUV Nord. Many of the tests must be performed multiple times on each wheel for variations in offset, PCD and centre bore.

What tests do SuperMetal wheels endure?

A dimension test:
To ensure conformity of size and machining.

Dye penetration test:
To identify material structural failure.

Impact test:
Sometimes called the kerb strike test, testing impact strength for the required load.

Bending test:
Short and long term cornering fatigue strength tests.

Rim rolling test:
Fatigue test over a distance of 2000km.

Corrosion test:
Ensure quality of the finish coat.

You’ll find our certificates on our wheel pages, find the Approvals section and download the relevant certificates there.