Alloy Wheels Engineered in the UK for use in Germany

About Us

SuperMetal Wheels are something different, we are always looking to improve and push the boundaries of our wheels and their features, to extend the limits of load and mass and develop new innovations and production techniques. We produced world’s first three colour production alloy wheel. Achieved by a patented technology process we call “Multelox“, this wheel is coloured three times before it is lacquered. SuperMetal was the first  British type holder able to produce ABE certified wheels from our UK base, the first to produce a type approved motorhome wheel range (Ducato/Boxer Chassis) that extends from 15″ to 18”, the first to produce wheels that allow use of VW OE centre caps.

SuperMetal aim to achieve excellence in every design we offer, we develop and invest in every wheel in our family, every design has its place and purpose. We offer the highest quality alloy wheels with the highest in European approval. In 2015 we re-engineered our Bullet design because we thought we could do better, the results we so successful that not only did we increase its load capacity, but using our ecoFEA™ technology, we reduced its weight by as much as 10%.

ecoFEA™ is our own element analysis technology that not only considers strength, it also includes consideration of reducing wheel material, and responsive torsion. Specifically through intelligent Finite Element Analysis technology, our engineers are able to pin point excess material, maximise pocket contour affectivity and therefore ensure that the efficiency of the wheel structure is maximised for strength and responsive torsion with the absolute minimum mass. The result of this process ensures that the wheel performs very economically, more responsive steering, increased reaction and higher load capability.

There’s far more to a SuperMetal wheel than meets the eye, the more you look, the more you see.